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Last update May 12, 2008.

Evaluation of VoIP Quality over WiBro

Mongnam Han, Youngseok Lee, Sue Moon, Keon Jang, Dooyoung Lee


In this work, we have conducted experiments to evaluate QoS of VoIP applications over the WiBro network. In order to capture the baseline performance of the WiBro network we measure and analyze the characteristics of delay and throughput under stationary and mobile scenarios. Then we evaluate QoS of VoIP applications using the E?Model of ITU?T G.107. Our measurements show that the achievable maximum throughputs are 5.3 Mbps in downlink and 2 Mbps in uplink. VoIP quality is better than or at least as good as toll quality despite user mobility exceeding the protected limit of WiBro mobility support. Using RAS and sector identification information, we show that the handoff is correlated with throughput and quality degradation.

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We share our data and tools for the wider community use. Our data includes packet traces collected from a mobile node and a corresponding node and base station id logs with time stamps.


This will be organized based on experiment scenarios.


python script and link to D-ITG, wireshar, tcpdump, and windump will be here. Matlab codes that converts python generated text int matlab binary and graphic drawing code will be here too.